Atlanta Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program

Atlanta, GA

We have now graduated 17 classes, with 70 percent of our graduates remaining in Georgia to practice. We had a successful match this year, filling all of our six positions with graduates from American medical schools. We had 1,600 applicants for those six positions. Our interns have started out very well and have gotten excellent evaluations on their first two rotations. Our Family Medicine Center in Morrow, GA continues to do well. We increased our number of outpatient visits last calendar year by 26 percent and are on track to increase it by around 12 percent for 2013. We also continue to see continuity OB patients at the Palmetto Health Clinic (an FQHC) in Palmetto. One of our first-year residents, Michelle Cooke MD, has been serving as the AAFP resident representative on the board of the AMA. Finally, all but one of our residents passed their boards on their first attempt the last four years.