Susana Ajoy Alfonso, MD, MHCM, FAAFP President – 2021-2022

Recruitment for 2022 Georgia Academy Leadership
Join Us – Our New Normal is Back! (In-Person Meetings with Virtual Options)

To: GAFP Colleagues
From: Susana (Susy) Ajoy Alfonso, MD, MSc, MHCM, FAAFP – Incoming President

One of the most important roles serving as your President for this upcoming year is appointing the Committee members for 2022. I am soliciting your interest in participating on one of the Georgia Academy’s committees for next year. We anticipate meeting in-person (with safety precautions) and will continue to have a virtual option for those that are unable to travel. We typically meet three times a year.

Here are the dates for the 2022 committee dates.

●  Saturday, March 12, 2022 – Committee Meetings – Lake Lanier

●  Thursday, June 2 – Committee Meetings – Hotel Effie Sandestin, Miramar, FL

●  Saturday, August 13 – Committee Meetings – Callaway Gardens

I appreciate your consideration of service with your colleagues on a committee. We are only strong with many voices of family medicine working together. =======================================================================

Committee membership will be held to no more than 15 members. For most committees, this will include one slot for a resident and a medical student. The expectation is that each member selected for a committee will have the ability to 1) attend the three committee conclave meetings, 2) respond to emails, and 3) review committee materials and be ready to offer advice and guidance.

There will also be a Legislative Session Working Group that meets weekly, but for a shorter time (January-April 2022) which weekly reviews health legislation that is moving through the Georgia General Assembly.

Education and Research Committee (15 members): This committee is responsible for all the educational activities of the Georgia Academy, including the annual and summer meeting, as well as our regional and online CME options. Theresa Jacobs, MD (Chair) and Ken Howard, MD (Vice Chair).

Finance Committee (15 members): This committee reviews the financials including our annual audit, staff benefits and the budget. It also makes recommendations to the Board on financial policies. John Vu, MD (Chair) and Brian Pratt, MD (Vice Chair).

Legislative Committee (15 members): This committee oversees all advocacy and legislative activities and recommends action to the Board to assure representation of family medicine and our patients. Bruce LeClair, MD (Chair) and Chip Cowart, MD (Vice Chair).

State Legislative Session Working Group (unlimited members): This working group will meet weekly by phone (typically Monday evenings) January – April to review the policy priorities of the Georgia Academy along with receiving updates on the activities of the Georgia General Assembly. Bruce LeClair, MD (Chair) and Chip Cowart, MD (Vice Chair)

Membership Services Committee (15 members): This committee has the responsibility for membership recruitment and retention, overview of leadership development, as well as, for all local and national award nominations. This committee is also tasked with monitoring the communications to our members. Ellie Daniels, MD (Chair) and Folashade Omole, MD (Vice Chair)

Practice Management Committee (15 members): The Practice Management Committee works on keeping members informed on all the moving parts of the business of family medicine. It monitors insurance policies, new payment models, and seeks to ease administrative burdens. Claire Visitacion, MD (Chair) and Ralph Peeler, MD (Vice Chair).

Public Health Committee (15 members): This committee works to improve the health and welfare of our state’s citizens by assisting Georgia’s Department of Public Health in their mission. It also seeks to keep our members informed of ways to support our patients with the variety of issues on social determinants of health that they encounter. Dan Singleton, MD (Chair) and Angeline Ti, MD (Vice Chair).

Student and Resident Recruitment Committee (15 members – 9 active/life members, 3 students, 3 residents): This Committee promotes family medicine to our Georgia medical students, pre-medical students as well as looks for areas to support family medicine residents. Plans the annual medical student meeting. Julie Dahl-Smith, DO (Chair) and Kevin Johnson, MD (Vice Chair)

Committee Membership Application:


I am a __________Medical Student ______________Resident ________________Family Physician

______________________________is the Committee I would like to serve on in 2022.

____________I can attend all 3 committee dates (either in person or by phone).
I cannot attend all three committee dates, I can attend _______________of the meetings.

My talents and expertise that will assist the committee are:

If I am not selected for my committee of choice. I would like to be considered for the _______________ Committee.

I would also like to volunteer for the Legislative Session Working Group:


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