Congress of Delegates


What is the Congress of Delegates, you ask?  The GAFP Congress of Delegates is a governing body of the Academy that can set policy. It meets annually at the GAFP Annual Meeting to vote on and ratify decisions that are made by the Board all year, as well as to hear and vote on resolutions from all members.

2019 COD Information 

2019 Congress of Delegates Resolutions 

2019 COD Handbook

Call for resolutions 2019

COD Reference Committee Report

2018 COD Action Grid – November 2019


2018 COD Information 

2018 COD Reference Committee report

2018 COD Handbook

2018 COD Resolutions and Bylaws Update

Call for resolutions 2018


2017 COD Information 

2017 COD Handbook

2017 Annual Report of the Houston Healthcare Family Medicine Residency Program

2017 Annual Report of the AAFP Delegates to the AAFP COD

2017 Final Resolutions

2017 Reference Committee Report