Board and Committee Leadership

Championing the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians’ (GAFP) advancement of family medicine are physician leaders who inspire and mount initiatives, education, resources, and advocacy efforts in service to fellow physicians and Georgia families.

Board of Directors – 2020

Chair Donald Fordham, MD Demorest
President Jeff Stone, MD Canton
Vice President Susana Alfonso, MD Atlanta
President-Elect Tom Fausett, MD Adel
Secretary Samuel Le Church, MD Hiawassee
Treasurer Sharon Rabinovitz, MD Decatur
Speaker Carl McCurdy, MD Jasper
Vice Speaker Monica Newton, DO Gainesville

District Directors and Alternates – 2020

Director, District 1 Thomas J. Miller, Jr., MD Claxton
Director, District 2 Gurinder Doad, MD Albany
Director, District 3 Dan Singleton, MD Buena Vista
Director, District 4 Kevin Johnson, MD Lawrenceville
Director, District 5 Cedrice Davis, MD Marietta
Director, District 6 John Vu, MD Griffin
Director, District 7 Tom Bevill, MD Rome
Director, District 8 William “Donny” Nash Nashville
Director, District 9 Islam Eltarawy, MD Woodstock
Director, District 10 Daniel Grizzle, MD Athens
Director, District 11 Ellie Daniels, MD Atlanta
Alternate Director, District 1 Sherma Peter, MD Sylvania
Alternate Director, District 2 Zita Magloire, MD Cairo
Alternate Director, District 3 Beverley Ann Townsend, MD Columbus
Alternate Director, District 4 Carmen Echols, MD Decatur
Alternate Director, District 5 Shameka Hunt McElhaney, MD Smyrna
Alternate Director, District 6 W. Steven Wilson, MD Warner Robins
Alternate Director, District 7 Pamela Obi, MD Rome
Alternate Director, District 8 Jonathan Wade, MD Nashville
Alternate Director, District 9 Nkiruka Udejiofor, M Woodstock
Alternate Director, District 10 C. Judson Pickett, MD Augusta
Alternate Director, District 11 Wanda Gumbs, MD Atlanta
Resident Director Hikma Jemal, MD Atlanta
Resident Director Macy McNair, MD Atlanta
Resident Alt. Director Zazi Nylander, MD Atlanta
Resident Alt. Director Kamal Mohiuddin, MD Savannah
Student Director Leticia Cardoso do Nascimento Augusta
Student Director Grace Moxley Saxon Atlanta
Student Director Sydney Koenig Savannah
Student Alt. Director Yutong Dong Augusta
Student Alt. Director Lindsey Wells Atlanta
Student Alt. Director Michael “Caleb” Swindell Macon
AAFP Delegate Harry Strothers, III, MD, MMM Macon
AAFP Delegate Beulette Y. Hooks, MD Midland
AAFP Alternate Delegate Eddie Richardson, Jr., MD Eatonton
AAFP Alternate Delegate Mitch Cook, DO Athens

GAFP Committee Leadership – 2020

Education and Research
Chair: Theresa Jacobs, MD
Vice Chair: Ken Howard, MD
Chair: Sharon Rabinovitz, MD
Vice Chair: John Vu, MD

Vice Chair: 

Bruce LeClair, MD

Loy Cowart, MD

Chair: Ellie Daniels, MD
Vice Chair: Folashade Omole, MD
Practice Management
Chair: Michael Satchell, MD
Vice Chair: Collyn Steele, MD
Public Health
Chair: Daniel Singleton, MD
Vice Chair: Angeline Ti, MD
Student and Resident Recruitment
Chair: Julie Dahl-Smith, DO
Vice Chair: Kevin Johnson, MD
PAC Board
Chair: Donald Fordham, MD
Vice Chair: Monica Newton, DO
Chair: Alice House, MD
Vice Chair: Jody Bahnmiller-Brasil, MD