Board and Committee Leadership

Championing the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians’ (GAFP) advancement of family medicine are physician leaders who inspire and mount initiatives, education, resources, and advocacy efforts in service to fellow physicians and Georgia families.

Board of Directors – 2016

Chair: Wayne Hoffman, MD
President: Mitzi Rubin, MD
Vice-President: Donald Fordham, MD
President-Elect: Eddie Richardson, MD
Secretary: Michelle Cooke, MD
Treasurer: Jeff Stone, MD
Speaker: Loy “Chip” Cowart, MD
Vice Speaker: Samuel “Le” Church, MD

District Directors and Alternates – 2015

Resident Board of Directors – 2016

Director: Jordan Knoefler, MD
Director: Chetan Patel, MD
Alternate Director: Sarah Codrea, DO
Alternate Director: Daniel Gordon, MD


Student Board of Directors – 2016

Director: Sarah Catherine Dupont
Director: Joey Krakowiak
Director: Candace Markley
Alternate Director: Timothy P. Hutton
Alternate Director: Christina Meade
Alternate Director: Jontu Solomon


GAFP Committee Leadership – 2016

Education and Research
Chair: Susana Alfonso, MD
Vice Chair: Gurinder Doad, MD
Chair: Jeff Stone, MD
Vice Chair: Sharon Rabinovitz, MD
Co-Chairs: Bruce LeClair, MD

Rick Wherry, MD

Tom Fausett, MD

James Hagler, MD

Vice Chair: Ivy Smith, MD
Practice Management
Chair: W. Steven Wilson, MD
Vice Chair: Michael Satchell, MD
Public Health
Chair: David Westfall, MD
Vice Chair: Sherma Peter, MD
Student and Resident Recruitment
Chair: Julie Dahl-Smith, DO
Vice Chair: Kevin Johnson, MD