GHFA First Cycle Community Health Grant Applications Due February 1st!

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA) is currently accepting applications for the first cycle 2016 Community Health Grant Awards. Grant awards of up to $3,500 are made to GAFP member affiliated charitable organizations that support GHFA program priorities including underserved populations and outreach programs that promote healthy practices consistent with the principles of Family Medicine. Current GAFP members including medical students, residents and active/ life members are eligible to apply. The application deadline for the first cycle 2016 awards is February 1st. First cycle grant awards will be announced in March, 2016. The second cycle application deadline is May 14, 2016. Visit  for more information or to download the application.

2015 GAFP grant recipients included:

Martha Crenshaw, MD, Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management Dekalb County $4,000

Ambar Kulshreshtha, MD SIMPACT: Improving Cardiovascular Health, Atlanta $4,000

Caleb King, GRU Medical Student, Equality Clinic, Augusta, $4,000

Amir Khan,  Emory Medical Student, Familias Saludables, Atlanta $2,750

Christopher Hines, MD, Food RX Augusta $2,750

Michael Huey, MD, Diabetes Education for Visually Impaired, Atlanta $5,000

Andrea Videlefsky, MD, Adult Disability Medical Home, Marietta $5,000  

These are only a few of the important programs your colleagues are lending their talents and time to statewide. Please consider making a contribution so that the Alliance can continue to support these important lifesaving projects All donations are tax deductible. Make your Alliance contribution easily online at or contact Alliance staff at or calling (800) 392-3841.