The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance Awards $7,000 in First Cycle Community Health Grants To Support Good Works of GAFP Members

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA) awarded two Community Health Grant Award applicants $7,000 in first cycle 2016 grants.  Grant awards were made to GAFP member affiliated charitable organizations that support GHFA program priorities including underserved populations and outreach programs that promote healthy practices consistent with the principles of Family Medicine. The application deadline for second cycle 2016 awards is May 14, 2016. Visit  for more information or to download the application. The 2016 first cycle Community Health Grant Recipients are:

Dr. Brian DeLoach – “Referrals:Specialized Lab Tests,”  Hearts & Hands Clinic, Statesboro, GA $3500

Hearts and Hands Clinic has developed a referral program to decrease the ethnic and socio-economic disparity in care that exists between low-income, uninsured adults. As an organization committed to providing free primary health care to Bulloch County’s qualifying residents, Hearts and Hands recognizes that specialized lab tests must be offered to this population. At our weekly medical clinics, a number of patients are referred for specialized services or tests, x-rays, MRIs, and even surgeries. Unfortunately, in most cases, the clinic is limited to how many patient tests it can afford. The result is a continuation of pain and frustration, not only for the patients, but for everyone involved. Without the resources to help patients access these vital services, Hearts and Hands is limited in its ability to care for Bulloch County. Funds will be used to increase the number of patients able to obtain specialized lab tests to meet their needs. Hearts and Hands identifies specialized lab tests as those beyond the basic blood work to monitor Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. Hearts and Hands will provide specialized lab tests and referrals to 60 individuals in our target audience of low-income, uninsured adults. Project activities will include performing five specialized lab tests per month, and providing five specialty referrals per month. Specialized Care and follow-up will be provided as needed through support from Hearts & Hands programs and staff.

Dr. Martha Crenshaw – “Chronic Disease/Diabetes Management Program” Physicians Clinic- Dekalb Cty , $3,500

In 2015, Physicians Care Clinic had 1,696 patients. Most patients are from minority populations including refugees and immigrants who have resettled in Dekalb County.  Of these: 44% had high blood pressure, 20% high cholesterol and 14% were diabetic. This Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management Program is the only organized clinic program in DeKalb County offering on-going prevention and education classes and monitoring supplies. Many of the clinic’s diabetics have a history of not managing the disease effectively.  Financially, they have not had the ability to invest in regular medical treatment due to lack of insurance and the inability to pay out of pocket.  We are requesting funding to maintain and enhance our services for the Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management Program.  Funding from this grant will support the following outcomes: Improved A1C levels compared to baseline; compliance with chronic disease and diabetes –related medical care (eye/vision, foot care, etc.); improved cholesterol and B/P levels; attendance in a diabetes education class.

Last year the clinic had 1,916 patient visits, 2,348 lab tests, 523 imaging tests, 514 referrals to specialists and 2,884 prescriptions filled- all at no cost to clinic patients who cannot have medical insurance or qualify for Medicaid to enroll.

These are only two of the important programs your colleagues are lending their talents and time to statewide. Please consider making a contribution so that the Alliance can continue to support important projects like these. All donations are tax deductible. Make your Alliance contribution easily online at or contact Alliance staff at or calling (800) 392-3841.