First Congress of Delegates Meeting To Take Place October 20

You are Invited!

By Alesa G. McArthur, Deputy Executive Vice President

Congress of Delegates First Session Webinar/Conference Call
October 20 | 6 p.m.

The first meeting of the Congress of Delegates will take place via Zoom on Thursday, October 20, at 6 p.m. All members are invited and encouraged to attend. Please register by clicking here: Congress of Delegates: 1st Session

Members are invited to speak to resolutions of interest or concern to you. To review the 2022 COD Resolutions, please visit the GAFP website and click the About tab, then select Congress of Delegates. You can download important information related to the Congress of Delegates including…

  • 2022 COD Handbook
  • 2022 Resolutions – Includes recommended policy revisions starting on page 107 of the Handbook

The COD 2nd session is live at the GAFP Annual Meeting and is scheduled for Saturday, November 12 at 1 p.m. at the Marriott NW in Atlanta. The 2nd session is where final discussion and voting occurs. COD delegates and alternate delegates, officers, and past presidents can address the Congress in person.

Below is the current list of delegates…

2022 District Delegates (as of 10/03/22)

Speaker: Monica Newton, D.O., District 9

Vice Speaker: Ellie Daniels, M.D., MPH, District 3

District 1 Delegates

Daryl McCartney, M.D.
Sherma Peter, M.D.
Bonzo Reddick, M.D.

District 2 Delegates

Michael Satchell, M.D.
St. Claire Sumaili, M.D.
Stephanie Williams, M.D.

District 3 Delegates

Mahfri Fomukong, M.D.
James Hagler, M.D.
Beulette Hooks, M.D.
Christina Kelly, M.D.
Jontu Solomon, M.D.
Beverley Ann Townsend, M.D.


Shawnte Hall Kraft, M.D.
Alice House, M.D.

District 4 Delegates

Karla Booker, M.D.
Casey Henritz, DO
Emily Herndon, M.D.
Kris Manlove-Simmons, M.D., MSPH
Aparna Mark, M.D.
Harold Moore Jr., M.D.
Monica Parker, M.D.
Ryan Smith, M.D.
Susan Thomas, M.D.
Angeline Ti, M.D.

District 5 Delegates

Ann-Gelle Carter, M.D., MS
Gregory Floyd, M.D.
Allison Key, M.D.
Ifeoma Nnaji, M.D., MBA
Christopher Wizner, M.D.

District 6 Delegates

Tameka Byrd, D.O., MPH
Monique Davis-Smith, M.D.
Eugene Jackson, M.D.
Eddie Richardson, M.D.
Latora William, M.D.

District 7 Delegates

Emma Atherton-Staples, D.O.
Bryan Cheever, M.D.
Kelly Culbertson, M.D.
John Desmond, M.D.
Leonard Reeves, M.D.

District 8 Delegates

Tom Fausett, M.D.
Danielle Mankin, M.D.
Earl Martin, M.D.
Donny Nash, M.D.


Jason Cox, M.D.

District 9 Delegates

Jody Bahnmiller-Brasil, M.D.
Amy Bailey, M.D.
John Delzell, M.D.
Daniel Gordon, M.D.
Wylie Newton, M.D.
Carol Pryby, M.D.
Anne Todd, M.D.

District 10 Delegates

Mitch Cook, D.O.
Julie Dahl-Smith, D.O.
Jacqueline DuBose, M.D.
Bruce LeClair, M.D., MPH
Signe O’Neale, M.D.
Carla Price, M.D.

District 11 Delegates

Sarah Dupont, M.D.
Daniel Feckoury, M.D.
Terence Moraczewski, M.D.
LaJune Oliver, M.D.
Folashade Omole, M.D.
Jun Ro, M.D.
Collyn Steele, M.D.

Resident Delegates

James Mayers, M.D., Augusta University FMRP
Heather Dill, M.D., Northside-Gwinnett FMRP
Mutiat I. Enikanolaiye, M.D., MPH, Northeast Georgia FMRP

Alternate Delegates

Smita S. Saraykar, MBBS, Columbus FMRP
Darlene Olurin, M.D., Atrium Health/Navicent FMRP
Sideana Raymond, M.D., Houston Healthcare FMRP

Student Delegates

Darlene Bio, Morehouse School of Medicine
Jantzen Pride, Trinity School of Medicine

Alternate Delegates

Manuela Checedi, Washington University of Health and Sciences
Tariq Islam, Ross University School of Medicine