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GAFP Annual Research Poster Competition: 2019 Research Poster Winners

Pre-Medical Student Winners

1stAssessment of the Relationship Between Healthy Literacy and Diabetes Self Management Among Patients Served by Federally Qualified Health Centers in Southwest Georgia
Authors: Chase Cottle, Darshti Patel, Everett Jackson, MPH, Henry N. Young, PhD
Affiliation: Southwest GA Area Health Education Center

2ndAssociations Between Perceived Barriers to Papanicolaou Testing at Federally Qualified Health Centers in Southwest Georgia        
Authors: Kristi Guerrero, MaKayla Paulk, Abby Unger

Affiliation: Southwest GA Area Health Education Center

3rd:  Assessing the Relationship Between Health Literacy, Asthma Self-Management Knowledge, and Asthma Control               
Authors: Macy Rowan, Slater Cruz,Trey Doss,Bree Green

Affiliation: Southwest GA Area Health Education Center

Medical Student Winners

1stKnowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices related to Chronic Diseases Among Caribbean People in Metro Atlanta               

Authors: David E. W. Daniels, Jennifer Rooke, M.D., MPH, FACOEM, FACPM, Folashade Omole, M.D., FAAFP

Affiliation: Morehouse School of Medicine

2ndDalton Middle School Medical Camp

Authors: Maria Westerfield, Millie Foster, Giang Ha, Bailey Kernea, Sehar Lalani, Evan Miller

Affiliation: Mercer University School of Medicine

3rd:  Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Related to Sex and STI Prevention in the Elderly Population        

Authors: Amore Jones, Folashade Omole, MD, FAAFP, Chivon Brown Stubbs, MD

Affiliation: Morehouse School of Medicine

Resident Winners

1stImproved Pain Control and Interpersonal Relationships Among Older Adults Receiving Buprenorphine Therapy: Result of a Pilot Study   
Authors: Antonio Gobenciong, Amanda Abraham, S. Harris, J Aaron Johnson, Keerthika Ravikumar, Omar Ahmad, Mansi Amin, Jorge del Rio, Parth K. Patel, Huma Rahman, Kirk Von Sternberg, Mary Marden Velasquez, J. Paul Seale​

Affiliation: Navicent Health Family Medicine Residency Program

2ndMental Health Needs in Older Patients with Opioid Use Disorder: Concurrent Illness Rates and Interest in Telehealth
Authors: Hubert Pare MD, Amanda Abraham PhD, Samantha Harris MPA, J Aaron Johnson PhD, Keerthika Ravikumar, Omar Ahmad MD, Mansi Amin MD, Jorge del Rio MD, Parth K. Patel MD, Hma Rahman MD,Kirk Von Sternberg PhD, Mary Marden Velasquez PhD, J. Paul Seale MD

Affiliation: Medical Center of Central GA, Mercer University

3rd:  Example of an Eerie Ear Examination in the Elderly   

Authors: William Hartley PGY III , Dr. Tiera Barron, Dr. Peggy Bergrab

Affiliation: Phoebe Family Medicine Residency

Fellow Physicians Winners

1stConsider Improving Cognitive Impairment with the Revival of Neurosteroid Supplementation                 

Authors: Sarah N Choo-Yick, MD, Florence T Baralatei, MD

Affiliation: Navicent Health / Mercer University Department of Family Medicine

2ndBarriers in obesity management: A Comparison of CERA survey and our current practice.        

Author: Linu Joseph, MD

Affiliation: Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Family Medicine Residency