Awards & Accolades

The Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP) honors members exemplifying excellence in the practice of family medicine and for their national, state chapter and community-based leadership roles and contributions to clinical research and healthcare.


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2014 Award Recipients:

Family Medicine Physician of the Year
The highest award bestowed on a GAFP member recognizes excellence in peer leadership in professional affairs and outstanding contributions to family medicine and to the community.
William Bina, MD, FAAFP –  Dr. Bina is Dean of the Mercer Medical School and although heavily burdened with administrative duties, he still provides ongoing clinical care and support for the medical program.  His credentials as a Master of Public Health-International Health and a naval officer, ultimately retiring as Captain, demonstrate the wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge that he brings to the community.  Dr. Bina is also a past president of the GAFP.
Family Medicine Educator of the Year
Awarded to a member dedicated to teaching, mentoring and educating to help advance the specialty of family medicine.
Emily Herndon, MD  –   Board certified since 1992, Dr. Herndon is an extremely compassionate physician who excels at bedside teaching with learners of all skill levels.  Regarding her teaching style, one of her students sums it up: Once the “patient” visit ends, Dr. Herndon helps the students work through the patient plan, thoroughly explaining why she has chosen to prescribe certain treatments.  After leaving clinic, students invariably express more excitement to study classroom material.  Even when we are in the midst of a hectic exam week, going to clinic with Dr. Herndon motivates students to try harder.  Dr. Herndon is currently the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, Department of Family & Preventive Medicine, Emory University.
Community and Volunteer Service Award
Awarded to a member who excels in service to their community and makes outstanding contributions in welfare, education, health, government, or the arts.
David Westfall, MD, MPH -  Instrumental in starting the Good News Clinics, now the largest free clinic in GA, Dr. Westfall has continuously provided volunteer services there for Hall County patients without insurance or other options for medical care.  He was involved in the start-up of Elachee Nature Science Center in 1978 and has continued to volunteer, including service on the Board and Advisory Board.  Dr. Westfall also has served on multiple non-profit boards and received several awards recognizing his volunteer work and exceptional contributions to the community. Dr. Westfall is a long time member of the GAFP Board of Directors and is the Chair of the Public Health Committee.
Resident of the Year
Awarded to the resident who exhibits dedication to family medicine through leadership and involvement in his/her residency program and in the community.
Patrick J. Lynn, MD  - Dr. Lynn is a natural born leader whose leadership abilities continue to develop and grow in his residency training, says Dr. Don Diego.  Chosen as the next Chief Resident, his leadership style is very unassuming and consensus based with his classmates looking to him for advice and representation.  His honors and awards are impressive, including two Distinguished Service Awards from the University of Florida.  Dr. Lynn also serves on GAFP’s Board of Directors as a Resident Board Member and also is active on the Membership Committee.
The Keith Ellis, MD Award
Given to a Chief Resident or Co-Chief Resident who displays excellent leadership skills in their family medicine residency program.
Jennifer Burkmar, MD, MBA – Dr. Burkmar, a current Co-Chief Resident of the Emory Family Medicine Residency Program, is an outstanding resident demonstrating exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills as well as a strong desire to become involved in organizations which are meaningful to her and her patients. Among her many activities and accomplishments is her work with the GAFP.  Dr. Burkmar is a member of the Student and Resident Recruitment Committee, a trustee on the Georgia Healthy Family Alliance Board and a member of the Emory University Transitions of Care Task Force.   She attended the American Academy of Pediatrics Leadership Advocacy Training for Protecting Children and Families from Tobacco in 2013 and, recently, the Chief Resident Summit on Diabetes sponsored by the Primary Care Education Consortium.
GAFP Annual Research Poster Competition Winners
Evaluated by a national and local committee and recognized by category at the GAFP Annual Scientific Assembly.
Pre-Med (Pathway to Medical School Students)  1:  The Effects of Appointment Attendance on Patient Health Outcomes, Andrew Mock and Allyson Spillers  2:  Improved Knowledge of Nutrition Likely to Lead to Better Health Outcomes, Steve Watts, Jordan Maxwell and Vivek Kothari   3:  Weight Perception as a Risk Factor for Osteoarthritis, Kimberly Edwards, Mattie Raiford and Emily Butts

Medical Student: 1:   ApoE 4/4 Genotype and Associated Risk with Acute Coronary Syndrome in Young Adults,Ryan Singhi and Eric Singhi (AUA-COM, Medical University of South Carolina, Piedmont Medical Center)  2:  Thyrotoxicosis: The Tip of the Iceberg in Graves’ Disease, Caitlin Martin (Emory University School of Medicine)  3:  The Terrible Twos: Two Incomplete Courses of Antibiotics in a Two Year Old with A History of Fever, Khristopher Nguyen (Emory University School of Medicine)

Resident: 1Family History of Stroke and Cardiovascular HealthAmbar Kulshreshtha, MD (Emory Family Medicine Residency Program)  2:  Recurrent Mild Hypoglycemia in Non-Diabetic Patient: When to Suspect Inculinoma, Khaldoon Al-Moosawi, MD (Atlanta Medical Center Family Medicine)  3:  The Relationship Between Perceived Psychosocial Stress, Obesity, and Physical Inactivity in a Bi-Racial Sample: The Meta-Health Study, Gabriel Ikemba Madu, MD (Emory Family Medicine Residency Program)