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2022 Immediate Needs Grants Now Available

Because many GAFP members continue to be aware of those struggling in their communities, applications for the 2022 Georgia Healthy Family Alliance Immediate Needs Community Grants will be accepted as long as funds remain.  Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded to GAFP members to address immediate local needs in their communities.  Some examples of these grant needs could be urgent housing, transportation as well as food or prescription assistance for individuals that are in a fragile or dangerous situation.

To date, GHFA has awarded more than $47,000 in Immediate Needs Grants since 2020. The Immediate Needs Grant application and review process have been streamlined to allow GHFA staff to transmit funds within 3-5 days.   

See below for the application – or a downloadable application can be found on the GHFA website at . Contact Kara Sinkule – or call 404-321-7445 with any questions.

Physicians’ Care Clinic Awarded Community Health Grant to Support Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management Project

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA), the philanthropic arm of the  Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP), recently awarded Decatur-based Physicians’ Care Clinic (PCC) a $5,000 Community Health Grant to support their Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management project which provides chronic disease management for uninsured women and men with Hypertension and Diabetes. Dr. Martha Crenshaw, a family physician from Stone Mountain, sponsored the Physicians Care Clinic project.

Current GAFP members including medical students, residents and active/ life members are eligible to apply for grants on behalf of GAFP member affiliated community organizations that support program priorities including underserved populations and community projects that promote healthy practices.

GHFA Deputy Director Kara Sinkule recently presented the $5,000 grant award to PCC Executive Director Sharon Gantt  and PCC Office Coordinator Cindy Sanders.

Last year, PCC served approximately 1,241 uninsured patients in Dekalb County. Most PCC patients are from minority populations, including refugees and immigrants who have resettled in DeKalb County: 55% are Black/African American, 34% are Asian, 7% are Caucasian, and 4% are Hispanic. Of these patients, 100% of them live 200% below poverty level.

The overall goal of the Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management project is to provide patients with educational classes, clinical support, supplies, and exercise and nutrition information. These services assist patients in better managing their health by giving them access to educational support, one-on-one clinical visits, and home monitoring tools.

GHFA is the philanthropic arm of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP). Our nationally recognized Community Health Grant Program exists to support and create momentum in an area of need and provide vital funds for family physician sponsored healthcare projects across Georgia.

Since launching the program in 2012, the Alliance has awarded more than $510,000 in grants statewide. For more information visit

GHFA Seeking Applicants For Second Cycle 2022 Community Health Grant Awards Program

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA) is currently seeking applications for the second cycle of the 2022 Community Health Grant Awards program. Grant awards of up to $5,000 are made to GAFP member-sponsored community groups that support program priorities including underserved populations and community projects that promote healthy practices consistent with the principles of Family Medicine. Current GAFP members including medical students, residents and active/ life members are eligible to apply.

The application deadline for second cycle 2022 awards is May 14, 2022. Second cycle grant awards will be announced in June 2022.

Over the last ten years, the Community Health Grant Program has given over $500,000 in grants back to GAFP members, residency programs, FMIG groups and their communities including Wellstar Kennestone Family Medicine for the “Let’s Get Moving” Pedometer Project:                                                        

 ” I am motivated to live healthier for my children. I want to control my diabetes through exercise.” A Wellstar “Let’s Get Moving” Pedometer project participant on what motivates her to make healthy nutrition and exercise choices.

Visit to download the 2022 application or view a list of previously funded grant projects.

Even if you do not have a community project that could benefit from a grant, please consider making a contribution so that the Alliance can continue to support these vital projects. All donations are tax deductible. Alliance contributions can be made easily online at or  by contacting Alexis Klima at or calling (800) 392-3841.

GHFA Awards $10,000 in First Cycle 2022 Community Health Grants To Support Local Health Projects

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA) awarded Community Health Grant Award applicants $10,000 in first cycle 2022 grants.  Grant awards were made to GAFP member sponsored community groups that support GHFA program priorities including underserved populations and programs that promote healthy practices. The application deadline for second cycle grants is May 14, 2022.

Visit  for more information or to apply. First cycle 2022 Community Health Grant recipients are:

Clarkston Health Center, “Breast Health Initiative” Patrice Shongo, MD $5,000

Clarkston Health Center’s (CCHC) Breast Health Initiative (BHI) aims to decrease the breast cancer mortality rate among uninsured, immigrant, and refugee women in DeKalb County and the surrounding region. In partnership with Emory-Decatur Hospital, CCHC has been providing free mammograms and follow-up, diagnostic testing for women aged 40 years and older who are patients of the clinic; or eligible women who are referred from elsewhere. During 2019-2020, 188 women received screening mammograms. Of the 188 women, 75 had benign results, 44 were submitted for follow-up, 11 biopsy orders were sent, 8 ultrasound-guided biopsies were completed, 9 genetic orders sent, 16 unilateral diagnostic mammograms completed, and one bilateral diagnostic mammogram was completed. CCHC’s volunteer physicians and nurse practitioners continue to conduct the initial clinical breast exams, identify any risk factors through a detailed medical history, and order the testing. Our funding will provide mammograms for an additional 210 women in 2022.

Physicians’ Care Clinic “Chronic Disease and Diabetes Management Program” Martha Crenshaw, MD Dekalb County, $5,000

Physicians’ Care Clinic (PCC) provides low income, uninsured adults who reside in DeKalb County with quality, comprehensive, nonemergency medical care. PCC currently has 1,413 enrolled patients, 80 of whom were new to PCC in 2020-21.  Services provided by PCC include chronic disease management, disease prevention and health education, access to primary care physicians, referrals to medical specialists, pharmaceuticals, and health management supplies. The clinic operates with a small paid staff and 217 health care professionals who volunteer including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, and others who provide in-clinic medical services. This project focuses on diabetes care and management, as well as heart disease and stroke prevention. PCC provides general cancer screenings, such as breast, colon, prostate, cervical, and endometrial. In addition to these screenings, the project provides laboratory screenings for high blood pressure, elevated A1C, elevated lipid panels, preventative eye examinations, podiatry exams, education classes and monitoring supplies.