Attention Members Receiving their Degree of Fellow: Attend the Convocation Ceremony at the Annual Meeting

Did you complete your Fellows Application…but you haven’t taken the oath?


Would you like to become a Fellow?

Come and Join Us in November!

~ Degree of Fellow Convocation Ceremony at the GAFP Annual Meeting ~

The Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP) will hold a Convocation Ceremony at its Annual Meeting, Sunday, November 16, for members eligible to receive their Degree of Fellow.   The deadline to apply for the Degree of Fellow for this year is September 30.  All approved applicants, whether approved this year or in the past but have not yet convocated, will be eligible to take their oath and receive their degree of Fellow at our meeting.

In addition, to register for the GAFP Annual Meeting and Scientific Assembly, go to the Annual Assembly event page and sign up online.  If you have any questions, call the GAFP office at 800-392-3841.

Application Requirements

Any Active, Life or Inactive member, with dues and re-elections in good standing, may, upon application to the American Academy of Family Physicians, be elected to receive the Degree of Fellow upon fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Member must have held Active membership for six years, or held a combination of Resident and Active membership for a total of six years.
  1. Accrue a grand total of 100 points as defined by this application. Cite experiences and activities in the following areas: Life-Long Learning, Practice Quality and Improvement, Volunteer Teaching, Public Service, Publishing and Research, and Service to the Specialty.
  1. Submit a one-time fee of $195.

To submit online go to this link on the AAFP website: If you need assistance, please contact the AAFP Fellowship Coordinator, Heather Ynda by phone (1-800-274-2237, ext. 6821) or email (