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AAFP’s Resources for Well Being and Physician Wellness – Tips from Your Colleagues

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Your well-being matters. When you care for yourself, you can be more present for your loved ones and colleagues, and stay passionate about your purpose: providing quality patient care.

The AAFP’s Well-being Planner will help you identify your goals and collect Planner resources to address the five primary factors that affect your well-being as a family physician.

How Georgia Academy Members Embrace Wellness – A Few Tips from Your Colleagues


  • When I am feeling burned out, I take some deep breaths, listen to music or do a few Yoga poses.
  • I have always tried to follow the adage from my anatomy professor during my 1st year of medical school: “Work hard, play hard.” (Imagine it said with his refined British accent).
  • The key though, is to SCHEDULE play time so you look forward to it and HAVE to do it. It can be vacation, gardening, theater, parties, sports, dinners out — whatever you love to do.
  • I also have found it critical to “unplug” from technology for several hours — during my crazy business travel days, my favorite part of it all was being “unreachable” through phone, text or email while I was on an airplane for several hours — we need to savor those times
  • I make time each week (even if it is just for an hour to two) to do something I like to do and want to do–not something that I “have to do.”
  • This could be any number of things, like doing yard work (yes, my John Deere is my “happy pill”), pleasure reading (not a medical journal for goodness sakes), watching a movie, spending time with family and/or friends, and fishing or hunting. This one or two hours washes off the stress of the week, and I (and others) can tell a difference when I don’t allow myself this time each week.
  • For me it’s exercise and having goals to train for a 5K race or triathlon.
  • Another way I unwind is to plan a sick day into my week calling it a mental health day and I don’t tell my kids or family I am off, and I stay home hidden away all day doing something that makes me feel less overwhelmed (like organizing a closet)!
  • My way to unwind is to get up before anyone at my home and go for a run! I am up before the sun comes up and it makes dealing with the day a lot easier!
  • I shut it down and play golf
  • Remember that we all can become a patient at anytime
  • We must take time to take care of ourselves the same way we take care of our patients
  • Listen to good music in your office
  • Cut the phones off at lunch and leave the office – even if for a short walk
  • Exercise daily
  • When I feel burned out and can’t travel out of the state, I take a staycation. I get a hotel room for the weekend within the state in a vicinity I haven’t explored before and plan fun activities around there such as a live jazz lounge, local activities, spa or some great restaurants.
  • Whenever the burnout level gets high I just take a couple days off.  Used to take just an afternoon. As the needed break gets longer I will eventually call it retirement.
  • I usually relieve stress with a quick intense workout.  That is usually my quick fix.  For long term stress relief, I usually schedule a quarterly spa day with some friends.  These activities allow me to keep pushing forward.
  • My tip would be to make time for yourself with things you like to do. I like to golf, exercise, hike, go to the beach, and play with my dog.
  • When I am starting to feel burnt out, I plan a weekend trip for the family, and I play! The kids enjoy when mommy uses them as a stress relief.
  • Now I understand that we don’t have much time in this profession to do all of these things, so sometimes I like to make little positive notes and reminders about things I am grateful. That particularly helped during my Step 1 preparations, and during times I needed to work and study while rotation in my third year. These little positive reminders really go a long way because there are times I forget during the stressful times and the hustle of why I started the journey, how I made it, and the little things and those that helped me along the way.
  • For months I added a daily note about positive things that happened throughout the day, things I was proud of, and things I was thankful for, and at the end of the month I went over them and reflected upon them and I believe it really helped me through a particularly tough burnout period in my medical school journey.
  • I pray every night and start with thank you God for this day. I make myself go to the gym and run or do elliptical and sweat!  I take 20 min for yoga for beginners. I play tennis with my 80-year-old dad. I spend 10 minutes listing all of the things I’m grateful for and if all else fails I grab my girlfriends and go drink wine!
  • Every day, in the middle of my shift, I take 15 minutes to myself. Whether it’s to read, take a walk, eat a snack, or just sit in the quiet, it helps to center my outlook away from all the busy-ness and slow down.
  • When I am starting to feel burned out, I find that I must start saying “no” to my colleagues. I try to do these 8 times a week.”
  • Take up a new hobby. For fun I started decorating my house with silk flowers. I was so surprised that this actually relaxes me. My Pastor will not let anyone else decorate the church. Friends and family only want a centerpiece as a gift. Who would of thought?!!!!!



Albany’s Made Whole Healthcare Solutions Awarded $5,000 Community Health Grant for Samaritan Clinic Diabetes Management Collaboration

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA) recently awarded Albany’s Made Whole Healthcare Solutions $5,000 from the 2018 Community Health Grant Program to improve the management of diabetes for underserved patients from Albany’s Samaritan Clinic. In addition to medication and supplies, diabetic patients will also receive instruction on proper nutrition, exercise and wellness.  Because Family Physicians provide full scope patient care for citizens of all ages they are often acutely aware of health challenges facing their local communities.

Albany Family Physician, Dr. Michael Satchell (2nd R) identified this need in Albany and sponsored the grant. He is pictured above with GHFA Director of Philanthropy Amy Turner (R) and Made Whole Healthcare’s President Nedra Fortson (L).

The Alliance is the philanthropic arm of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians. Our nationally recognized Community Health Grant Program exists to support and create momentum in an area of need and provide vital funds for family physician sponsored healthcare projects across Georgia.  Since launching the program in 2012, the Alliance has awarded 50 charitable organizations more than $222,000.

Save the date! November 8 – 10, 2018

2018 GAFP Annual Scientific Assembly

The 2018 Annual Scientific Assembly will be held on November 8th – 10th at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort in Stone Mountain, GA. The Annual Meeting will feature educational lectures, networking opportunities, and provide attendees with a great chance to connect with fellow GAFP members from around the state.


Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort

4021 Lakeview Dr

Stone Mountain, GA 30083


Registration coming soon!

Free tools for promoting Medication Safety

Your patients use medications from many sources of care while also taking over the counter medications and herbal supplements.  These combinations can lead to adverse drug events that result in patient discomfort, clinic visits, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, or death.  Medications such as opioids, anticoagulants, and diabetic agents carry a much higher risk of adverse drug events, even when these medications are used properly. You can support your patients’ adherence to treatment plans by reviewing and reconciling their medications at every visit.  Alliant Quality offers FREE educational tools that can be ordered or downloaded from our website Alliant Quality Website:

  • ‘My Meds Bags’ – bag to bring all medications to clinic visits
  • Medicine Review Tip Sheets – tool for patients and staff for medication reconciliation
  • Helpful Hints for Remembering to Take Your Medications
  • Dos and Don’ts of Pain Medicines
  • Using Medications Safely with Diabetes
  • Preventing Low Blood Sugar
  • Helpful Hints Using Insulin Vials

Using these tools will help your patients understand how to take their medications more safely. Not only do medicine reviews decrease adverse drug events, they are also a component of quality measures tracked by CMS and other insurers and can be reimbursed.

For more information on medication safety tools and tips, contact Jennifer Massey, PharmD at


Were You a Part of History? More than 170 Attended the 2018 Summer Family Medicine Weekend!

June 14-17, 2018 marked the GAFP’s first joint meeting with the Georgia Primary Care Association (GPCA).  This year we hosted more than 170 family physicians, FQHC/CHC members and other health care professionals at Omni Amelia Island Beach Resort.

With an expansive number of lectures and workshops, attendees were able to claim as many as 35 AAFP prescribed credits on a wide variety of topics pertinent to the broad range of practice needs of our members.  All AAFP CME credits will be posted July 15th. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Megan Neuffer at

In addition to lectures and workshops, the GAFP offered three Knowledge Self-Assessment Modules (KSAs) in an effort to fulfill the Maintenance of Certification Part II – Self-Assessment and Lifelong Learning.  More than 40 family physicians successfully completed the modules.

We also hosted an Alliant Quality Workshop – Double the Credit! Designing your Improvement Activity to meet MIPS and Maintenance of Certification, which was facilitated by Dr. Adrienne Mims, and included faculty from Alliant GMCF (the State’s QIO), and Shana Scott, MPH, JD from the Department of Public Health.

Overall, attendees deemed the meeting a success and offered the following comments on their post-meeting evaluations:

  • Amelia Island is one of our favorite spots for the GAFP Summer Meeting. Thanks for putting together another great event!
  • The food was excellent and healthy.
  • The topics and speakers were phenomenal this year!
  • Great time, location, and information.
  • Everyone was very friendly and happy to provide information.

The meeting’s success was based on the hard work, time, and effort of the Education & Research Committee.  The 2018 Committee members are Theresa Jacobs, MD – Chair; Ken Howard, MD – Vice Chair; Dolapo Babalola, MD; Karla Booker, MD; Mike Busman, MD; Wanda Gumbs, MD; Johnathan Gore, MD; Ambar Kulshrestha, MD; Evelyn Lewis & Clark, MD; Carl McCurdy, MD; Yuan-Xiang Meng, MD; Adrienne Mims, MD; Viktoria Nurpeisov, MD; Harry Strothers, MD; and Blair Funk, MD – resident.

Mark your calendars now with the dates of the 2018 Annual Scientific Assembly!  This year’s Annual Meeting will be held Thursday, November 8 – Saturday, November 10 at the Marriott Evergreen in Stone Mountain. We look forward to seeing you there!