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Nominate a Colleague Today

To my GAFP Colleagues:

We are all busy.  But I am asking that you take less than 10 minutes to think about honoring a fellow Georgia family physician.  Please help me and the rest of your Georgia family physicians in recognizing our friends for their exemplary service to the profession of family medicine and contributions to our State, by nominating someone for one of the following awards:

GAFP Awards

Deadline To Submit Nominations

Family Medicine Community And Volunteer Services Award May 5, 2017
Georgia Family Physician of The Year May 5, 2017
Family Medicine Educator of The Year May 5, 2017

The Membership Committee will nominate a slate to be approved by the Board of Directors, and presentation of the awards will be held during the 2017 GAFP Annual Meeting in October.

Many noteworthy colleagues may not have been considered for an award because they were not nominated.  To download an electronic copy of the awards nomination package go to  New this year is that the documents are now in a pdf format that you can fill out and email back to GAFP, which makes it easier for the Membership Committee to read your nomination.

The awards nomination package includes the awards and criteria, nomination forms and a list of past winners of each award.

If you have questions, please contact Alesa McArthur of the GAFP at 1-800-392-3841 or


Eddie Richardson, Jr., MD, FAAFP

2017 President

Georgia Academy of Family Physicians

Register Now!! April Webinar: HB 436 (GA HIV/Syphilis Pregnancy Screening Act of 2015) – April 26th

This month’s webinar, HB 436 (GA HIV/Syphilis Pregnancy Screening Act of 2015), will be held on April 26th at 1:15 pm with Rana Chakraborty MD, MSc, FRCPCH, DPhil (PhD), Director, Ponce Family and Youth Clinic at Emory University School of Medicine. He will be accompanied by Dr. Somer Smith from the Department of Public Health and Dr. Martina Badell who is an Obstetrician at Grady Memorial Hospital.  From this webinar, you’ll learn the facts of HIV Testing During Pregnancy. The most common route of HIV infection in children is HIV transmission from mother to baby during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or breastfeeding. Come learn how healthcare providers can help implement the Georgia HIV/Syphilis Pregnancy Screening Act of 2015 – H.B. 436

  • 1st and 3rd trimester HIV/Syphilis testing is required for all pregnant Georgia moms.
  • No written evidence of test at delivery? Attending physician MUST order an HIV/Syphilis test.
  • Mom refuses test? Documentation of refusal is required to relieve provider of any responsibility.

Please click the link to register for the April 26th webinar.

Spring Cleaning: How Family Physicians Can Ease the Child Dental Crisis in Georgia

A family physician or pediatrician typically sees a child and their family about 13 times for routine checkups and vaccinations.  Each of these visits presents an opportunity for you and your clinical staff to review risk factors for oral disease.  In the U.S., tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease of childhood, five times more common than asthma.  Research has shown that from 1994-2004, 28 percent of 2-5-year-olds experience tooth decay.  Which is an increase of 15 percent from the prior decades.  We also know that if family has poor oral health status, so will their children.

What Can Family Physicians Do to Turn a Frown Upside Down for Our Children?

For all children and their families, it’s important to educate them and hit these main points:

  • Educate parents about good oral health habits for them and their children
  • Explain why primary teeth are important
  • Encourage that they brush teeth regularly with a smear of fluoridated toothpaste
  • Encourage regular dental visits
  • Outline proper dietary habits

Start providing fluoride varnish application in your practice!

Effective 2015, physicians can offer this service to Medicaid children with a new CPT code 99188.  Georgia’s Department of Public Health has a small staff dedicated to expanding fluoride varnish in primary care physicians’ offices around the State.  Please see the contact below and consider adding this benefit to your practice.

Want to learn more? Register for the upcoming webinar—

For more information, please outreach to the following:

Carol C. Smith, RDH, MSHA, Director of Oral Health

Maternal and Child Health

Georgia Department of Public Health

2 Peachtree Street, 11-222

Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3142

Phone 404-657-3138

Fax: 404-657-7307