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Earn additional AAFP credit!! Online, Interactive Activity: Coordinating Care in IBD: Diagnosis and Co-Management Strategies for Family Physicians

As a follow-up to the Coordinating Care in IBD: Diagnosis and Co-management Strategies for Family Physicians lecture brought to us by partners from the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians’ chapter during the 2016 Annual Scientific Assembly, we would like to invite you to participate in a related IBD online activity for additional credit.

This interactive, on-demand case-based activity introduces EG, a female college student who is concerned about her persistent diarrhea and abdominal pain. In 30 minutes, you can proceed through this case-based activity and learn about:

  • Clinical features and tools you can use to accurately diagnose IBD
  • Available therapies for IBD and their adverse effects
  • Strategies to address the preventive care and health maintenance needs of patients with IBD

All members, whether you attended the live meeting or not, are invited to participate. The case-based activity will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and you can earn additional AAFP credit. There is no fee to participate, and is available for credit through October 17, 2017.

To participate and receive CME credit, please go to:

Suspension of Medicaid Providers Who Have Not Revalidated Their Enrollment

Effective November 1, 2016, DCH will suspend those providers who were sent revalidation letters from HPE between June 1, 2016, and September 1, 2016, and have not submitted a revalidation application.

As noted in the revalidation letter, DCH allowed providers a period of 60 days to revalidate. Those providers who have not revalidated their enrollment within the 60 day time period will be suspended from the Georgia Medicaid/PeachCare for Kids program.

The suspension will apply to providers enrolled in Traditional Fee-for-Service Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids, Georgia Families, and Georgia Families 360° managed care programs which are currently administered by WellCare, Peach State Health Plan, and Amerigroup. Claims for services to members enrolled in Traditional Fee-for-Service Medicaid, PeachCare for Kids, Georgia Families, and Georgia Families 360° managed care programs for dates of service on or after November 1, 2016, will not be paid.

Upon successful revalidation, your suspension will be lifted. However, your effective date will be the date you revalidated. Retro-enrollment is not applicable in this instance. Should you fail to revalidate your enrollment within thirty days of receipt of the suspension letter, you will receive a notice of termination from DCH. The notice of termination will outline your appeal rights.

A report of those providers who have not submitted a revalidation application can be found on GAMMIS at Click on Provider Information/Provider Notices. Providers who are on this report who have not submitted a revalidation application by November 1, 2016, will be suspended.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding revalidation can be found on GAMMIS at Click on Provider Information/FAQ for Providers. In addition, providers may contact Medicaid’s fiscal agent HPE at 800-766-4456 (Option #1) or email DCH at for assistance.

Georgia Academy adds New Affinity Partner – Vax Care

VaxCare is excited to be an affinity partner with the Georgia AFP with a common goal to raise immunization rates in the state of Georgia. Our vision is Every person, fully vaccinated and our mission is to build state of the art technology that enable providers to share in our goal.  We are VaxCare, a privately held Orlando, FL based company now operating in 10 states and partnering with over 2000 providers. We are growing fast with an additional 3 states opening this year alone.

VaxCare’s platform is simple, by providing a bundle of three unique products, we allow the independent family physician the ability to run their immunization program with a novel approach. Our partners receive vaccine at no upfront cost (consignment model), have a pathway to guaranteed compensation and benefit from automated inventory management, which means never having to order vaccine again. If you recognize the complexities of running a vaccine program and are ready to partner with a pioneer in changing the traditional model…we need to talk!

We are excited to attend the annual meeting and look forward to meeting you at our booth.  Stop by and learn about VaxCare and our special promotion for GAFP members. You can also contact our local representatives – information listed below.

Territory                Representative                                            Contact

North of I-20       Marianne Tarica                                 / 678-462-7698

South of I-20       Mo Barrett                                            /  770-990-2269

East GA – Athens, Augusta & Savannah  Tatum Darby / 803-238-9485

VaxCare Corporation . 888-829-8550 .

Recruitment for 2017 Georgia Academy Leadership!

To:       GAFP Colleague (Active, Life, Resident, Medical Student)

From:   Eddie Richardson, Jr., MD, FAAFP – President

One of the most important roles serving as your President for this upcoming year is appointing the Committee members for 2017. I am soliciting your interest in participating on one of the Georgia Academy’s committees for next year.

I ask that you only volunteer to be nominated if you can attend either in person or by phone all 3 meetings in 2017.  Although several committees meet more than 3 times a year, here are the dates for the 2017 Committee Conclaves:

  Saturday, March 4, 2017 – Committee Conclave – Atlanta.

  Thursday, June, 2017 – Summer CME Meeting – Isle of Palms, SC.

  Saturday, August 5, 2017 – Committee Conclave – Young Harris.

I appreciate your consideration of service with your colleagues on a committee.  We are only strong with many voices of family medicine working together. Committee membership will be held to no more than 15 members. For most committees, this will include one slot for a resident and a medical student. The expectation is that each member selected for a committee will have the ability to 1) attend the three committee conclave meetings, 2) respond to emails, and 3) review committee materials and be ready to offer advice and guidance.

There will also be Working Groups that will be larger groups that meet for a shorter time period to assist in Georgia Academy programs.

Following is a list of the opportunities for service. We encourage your interest and participation as this is certainly an important and pivotal time for family medicine. We are only as strong as the commitment and involvement of our members.

Education and Research Committee (15 members): This committee is responsible for all the educational activities of the Georgia Academy, including the annual and summer meeting, as well as our national GO! Diabetes project and the education for the Patient Centered Medical Home University.

Annual CME Meeting Working Group (unlimited members):  This working group will meet from June until November and will be asked to help shape the agenda, lectures and speaker selections for the annual meeting.  The Working Group will also be asked to help review lectures for accurate content and be willing to serve as moderators during the meeting.

Finance Committee (15 members): This committee reviews the financials including staff benefits and the budget. It also makes recommendations to the Board on financial policies.

Legislative Committee (15 members): This committee oversees all advocacy and legislative activities and recommends action to the Board to assure representation of family medicine and our patients.

State Legislative Session Working Group (unlimited members): This working group will meet weekly by phone from January – March to review the policy priorities of the Georgia Academy along with receiving updates on the activities of the Georgia General Assembly. Areas of focus will include the State Budget (Medicaid, Public Health), Tort Reform, Insurance Initiatives, Public Safety, Medical Education, Georgia Board Physician Workforce Funding of Family Medicine Residency Programs and Scope of Practice.

Membership Services Committee (15 members): This committee has the responsibility for membership recruitment and retention, overview of leadership development, as well as, for all local and national award nominations. This committee is also tasked with monitoring the communications to our members.

Practice Management Committee (15 members): The Practice Management Committee monitors insurance policies and issues that affect the business of family medicine. It also works on practice transformation and the patient centered medical home. The committee is continually monitoring new payment models and works to educate our membership on patient centered medical home, accountable care organizations, Medical Advantage plans and other business models.

Public Health Committee (15 members): This committee works to improve the health and welfare of our state’s citizens by assisting Georgia’s Department of Public Health in their mission. The Georgia Academy has an ongoing contractual relationship with the Department of Public Health that is overseen by this committee.

Student and Resident Recruitment (15 members – 6 active/life members, 3 students, 3 residents) This Committee promotes family medicine to our Georgia medical students, pre-medical and high school students as well as looks for areas to support family medicine physicians-in-training.

Email the portion below to Alesa McArthur (

Committee Membership Application


I am a __________Medical Student ______________Resident ________________Family Physician

______________________________is the Committee I would like to serve on in 2017.

____________I can attend all 3 committee dates (either in person or by phone).

I cannot attend all three committee dates, I can attend __________of the meetings.

My talents and expertise that will assist the committee are:

If I am not selected for my committee of choice. I would like to be considered for the _______________ Committee.

I would also like to volunteer for a Working Group (list the Working Group): _________________________________



Notice from Georgia Department of Public Health on Newborn Screening and Lab Test Fees

TO: Healthcare Submitters and Providers

FROM: The Georgia Department of Public Health, Newborn Screening Program

RE: Newborn Screening Tests and Laboratory Analysis Fee Increase for FY 2017

Summary: During the 2016 legislative session HB751, Item 3052, to provide funds for therapies for children with congenital disorders was passed.  On April 7, 2016, the Department of Public Health published a Notice of Proposed Rule Making to amend Department of Public Health Regulation 511-5-5-04, pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 31-2A-6 and § 31-12-6(f).  As outlined in a memo sent out on July 1, 2016, The Georgia Department of Public Health, Newborn Screening Program proposed a fee increase from $50.00 to $63.00 to cover the Department’s actual cost associated with newborn screening.  This fee increase will enable the Department to screen for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, a new critical condition added to the newborn screening panel, as well as provide therapies for children with congenital disorders.

Steps to Final Adoption: The fee increase has been approved by DPH as outlined in a memo sent out on July 1, 2016.  At their September 8, 2016, meeting the Department of Community Health (DCH) board voted for final adoption of a rate increase to reimburse Medicaid providers for the new fee amount. The next step in the approval process is for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide approval.  Upon final approval from CMS and DCH, the fee increase will be universally adopted for newborn screening specimen collection in the state of Georgia. We will send a letter of notification, which will also include an effective date.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Judith Kerr, Interim Child Health Screening Program Manager at (404) 657-2878 or