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Georgia Chapter Member Benefits

Regular Opportunities for Continuing Medical Education (CME)-Always Reduced for members!
  • The Georgia Chapter produces many CME opportunities annually for members throughout the state.
  • The November Annual Scientific Assembly routinely offers 25-30 credits of CME, November 7-10, 2013
  • The Summer CME Conference routinely offers at least 15-20 credits of CME in a fun and relaxing setting with family-oriented activities, June 13-16, 2013, Sawgrass Marriott - Ponte Vedra, FL
  • Other CME opportunities in the Georgia Chapter include free online CME and local educational events throughout the state.
  • Through the AAFP and GAFP, self-study, web-based and live courses for Board prep
  • GAFP provides the means to effect meaningful change that directly affects your practice and your patients through legislative lobbying power
  • Our state PAC (Political Action Committee) is the political arm of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians working to support candidates who support family medicine.
  • Our web site has up-to-date information on state and national legislation as well as information on Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Weekly blast faxes on important legislation during the state legislative session (January - March).
  • Annual Advocacy Day at the Capitol.
Public Health Resources
  • The Georgia Chapter provides you with a wealth of resources designed especially for the family physician. You can find information on local public health programs such as WIC, state health alerts, and vaccine information.
  • Simply Stated is published monthly and contains all the important information regarding the GAFP as well as health care issues that affect your practice.
  • Our website contains all the up to date information regarding CME meetings, resident and student information, GA Healthy Family Alliance News, and legislation
Members Only Services
  • A variety of practice management and financial resources at your fingertips
  • Discounted subscription to the Prescriber's Newsletter
  • Free subscription to the American Family Physician print, online and mobile app options
  • Group healthcare purchasing programs
Career Preparation Tip and Resources
  • Employment Trends
  • AAFP CareerLink
  • Fellowship Opportunities
  • State Career Link
  • Leadership Development (for you and your clinical team)
  • Support to Medical Students with Interest in Family Medicine
  • Support of Family Medicine Residency Programs
  • Business Solutions-Annual CME educational track for practice administrators and ongoing discussion with state payers.
Additional Resources for members:
  • PMCH University
  • Voice of Georgia family medicine with payers
  • National CME-Go! Diabetes
  • Join AAFP
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