Federal Advocacy

Contact Your Legislator - AAFP's Speak Out Service can help contact your state and federal legislators.  Click here to find out topics of concern and how to contact your legislators.

The Patient's Voice in Washington

Patients want a better understanding of how health care issues and legislation affect them. Our Academy believes patients should also have a voice in the formation of the policies that determine how their health care is paid for and delivered. To help our patients better understand complicated health care issues and speak up for better health care, we have updated our “Patient’s Voice in Washington” resource.

Track Health Policy as it Happens.  The free service features web casts, daily news summaries, a national health policy calendar, searchable archives and more.  Sign up to receive e-mail delivery of the services at www.kaisernetwork.org/email 

For policy studies on primary care and family medicine, plus fascinating one-pagers to share with decisionmakers and colleagues, the AAFP’s Robert Graham Policy Center is one stop shopping. Go to http://www.graham-center.org/

Link to www.aafp.org/about/policies/a-z.A.html to read about AAFP policy on a variety of issues important to our patients.